'Red Bull to set example for Stroll: also own Aston Martin engine'

'Red Bull to set example for Stroll: also own Aston Martin engine'

03-12-2021 09:39 Last update: 11:32

Lawrence Stroll has big plans for Aston Martin. Not only does he pick up all kinds of talented people from the factories of Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. Auto, Motor und Sport reports that the Canadian also wants to build his own engine in the future.

Stroll's dream

Stroll probably imagined his entrance into Formula 1 to be more beautiful. F1 driver Lance Stroll's father rebranded Force India as Racing Point and this year it became Aston Martin. However, things are not going smoothly in the green, as this season's new aerodynamic regulations have seen the team relegated to the back of the pack.

Despite a seventh place in the Constructors' standings, the team is working on bigger plans in the background. Top people from Mercedes (Eric Blandin) and Red Bull Racing (Dan Fallows, Andrew Alessi) have already been brought in to shape the project. Besides the top people, the team in the factory has also been expanded from 420 to 593 employees.

Aston Martin engine

In addition, the factory was taken in hand and by 2023 a factory for no less than 700 people will be built, which will also house a new wind tunnel. The 360-degree wind tunnel is a system that can only be found at Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull and should be operational in 2024. It would involve an investment of 200 million euros.

But that's not all, as AMuS reports that there are rumours in the paddock that Stroll has his own engine in mind, based on the Red Bull model. The billionaire already attended the meeting about the engines for 2026. Building an engine from scratch will be difficult, but with Audi and Porsche lurking there, perhaps a collaboration is possible in the future.