F1 boss: 'It's time for Arab Formula One drivers'

30-11-2021 16:34 | Updated: 30-11-2021 18:21
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F1 boss: 'It's time for Arab Formula One drivers'

Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. No less than four Grands Prix are held in the Middle East. Of course, the oil dollars are important for Formula 1. At the same time, the Formula 1 organisation finds human rights very important. Especially in the Middle East, human rights are not always that good.


Asked about the criticisms human rights organisations have of racing in the oil states, Stefano Domenicali responds at Motorsport-total. "We have always said that we are an international sport with an incredible level of awareness," the Italian explains. "When a country commits to invest in a project like this (bringing Formula 1 in), they know it's going to be in the spotlight a lot. I believe that will also make a difference in Saudi Arabia. I've always said that you can't see change overnight. But Formula One will help accelerate change."

Domenicali is not thinking about more races in the Middle East. Four races - like this season - is the maximum he would like to see. The race in Qatar is not on the F1 calendar next year. Because of the World Cup, the country will skip a year to welcome F1 for the next ten years.

Arab F1 drivers

Domenicali would like to see a driver from the Middle East make an appearance in Formula 1. "I think the (motorsport) federations are working hard to get a programme off the ground. That's the approach you have to take. And we are also in talks with these countries because - as you can imagine - we too have an interest in hopefully seeing a driver from this region in Formula 1 soon."

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