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Giovinazzi surprised: 'I'm confused by Formula E'

Giovinazzi surprised: 'I'm confused by Formula E'

30-11-2021 15:30 Last update: 16:22


Antonio Giovinazzi still has two races to go in Formula 1, but the Italian has already started his next adventure. This week - ahead of the F1 race in Saudi Arabia - he got behind the wheel of his new Formula E car. And that wasn't easy, Giovinazzi tells.

Getting used to it

The new Formula E season starts already in January, so Giovinazzi will not have much time to recover from an intensive year in Formula 1. With his new team Dragon Penske, he already tested this week. A fifteenth place during the Tuesday morning session was his share. After the test, Giovinazzi said he has learned a lot and he still has to learn a lot, as he reported to Autosport.com. "It is a completely different category,” he explains.

Giovinazzi says he has driven many different cars: "I've driven so many cars, GT cars, LMP2, F1, and then go into this car, everything feels so different. Yesterday I was really sort of confused and had a lot of things to learn. But the main issue for me is the braking because in F1 everybody can really attack so much on the braking because you have so much downforce as well. And here, you cannot. So I'm struggling with this - but I remember when I drove in 2018 the first car, the Gen 1, it was the same."


Giovinazzi doesn't have much time to get used to it. FE testing continues this week but without the Italian. He has to go to Saudi Arabia for Formula 1. Giovinazzi hopes to make up for lost time on the simulator in the coming weeks.

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