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Giovinazzi and Vasseur: the peace is signed again

Giovinazzi and Vasseur: the peace is signed again

28-11-2021 20:21


It was a lot like a mud fight. On social media Antonio Giovinazzi expressed his dissatisfaction on his forced departure from Alfa Romeo, team boss Frederic Vasseur in turn complained again about the statements of the Italian driver. A nasty end to the relationship between the two seemed there.


Vasseur and Giovinazzi have now sat down together and all discontent has been resolved. To FormulaRapida.net Vasseur reiterated that he was not happy with Giovinazzi's words. “You can imagine that I was not very happy but on the other hand I can understand that it was quite emotional for him, that we had a discussion, now he knows perfectly that he has to stay focused on the next two events, that it will be important for him, that motor sport is a small world,” said Vasseur. “If he wants to come back in F1 he has to show that the motivation and pace are still there. But now regarding the fact that motor sport is driven by sponsors, it’s not new, I think every single team from the grid, they have sponsors, they have finance and that we have to deal with, but we all have the same target at the end, to perform and it’s part of the job,” summed up Vasseur, who has had a good relation with Giovinazzi.

Giovinazzi had to admit that he may have reacted a little too emotionally. "I think I have been professional in these last few years, and I will be professional these last few races,” said Giovianzzi. “So, nothing to add to be honest. With myself I’m happy, and I think I feel that I’ve been professional in these last few years, and will be in the last three races.”

Reserve at Ferrari?

Meanwhile, Giovinazzi has secured a seat in Formula E, with the Dragon Penske team. Moreover, Giovinazzi has not put a role as a reserve driver at Ferrari out of his mind either.

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