Smiling Verstappen hands out a sneer: 'Better to drive without a seatbelt'

26-11-2021 07:02 Last update: 26-11-2021 10:34

Max Verstappen was fined 50,000 euros for touching Lewis Hamilton's car in Brazil. When asked about this, the Dutchman has a witty answer as always.

Verstappen is sharp

After the qualification of the Brazilian Grand Prix there was some controversy. Hamilton's Mercedes' rear wing was said to be illegal, but there were also images showing Verstappen touching it. Hamilton was disqualified and Verstappen was fined heavily for his offence.

In an interview after the incident, Verstappen was able to laugh about it. Asked if he has any regrets, his answer is clear: ''It is no longer allowed to touch your rear wing, otherwise you have an expensive fine. But apparently you can drive with your seatbelt off, because that fine is much cheaper'', said Verstappen about the 5,000 euro fine Hamilton received after he loosened his seatbelt in the run-out lap of the Brazilian GP.

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