The new Saudi Arabian Grand Prix circuit looks like this

25-11-2021 08:39 Last update: 25-11-2021 09:03

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is the next race on the calendar, but the circuit is still a big surprise to many. Luckily a version of the track is already playable in Codemasters' Formula 1 game. Take a spin around the track in this game.

Racing in Saudi Arabia

The drivers will be spending much of the next week in the simulator getting to know the new Saudi Arabia circuit. The track has only just been completed, but it is already available in Codemasters' F1 2021 game. Although the teams and drivers use a different simulation, this gives some clarity about the circuit.

For example, the track for the second to last race of the season has almost no slow corners. This makes it almost impossible to overtake, especially with all the fast corners on this track where you don't want to be in the dirty air of your predecessor. On Saturday the qualifying will be impressive on this track.

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