Albon would choose Verstappen: "He is a bit younger and more active"

17-09-2021 19:40

Alexander Albon, test and reserve driver for Red Bull Racing and regular driver for Williams from 2022, answers 23 questions in a new video on the team's YouTube channel.

Who would Albon choose?

As for who he would want to form a tag team with in a wrestling match, Albon doesn't have to think long. He has the choice between Max Verstappen and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

"I would choose Max because he is a bit younger and more active than Christian," Albon explained. "But Christian might play it in a political way, and maybe he would still find a way to win," he adds.

However, that consideration does not change his choice. "I still choose Max", concludes the former teammate of the Dutchman.

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