F1 releases new camera footage: Hamilton was really very lucky

14-09-2021 16:22 Last update: 14-09-2021 18:01


Formula 1 has released new onboard camera footage of the crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Monza. The images clearly show the role of the halo in the crash. Without the halo, Hamilton would have been hit full on the head by Verstappen's car, with potentially dire consequences.

Halo prevents serious injury Hamilton

It all went wrong on the twenty-sixth lap. After a slow pit stop, Verstappen found himself behind the Mercedes driver. When Hamilton drove out of the pit lane and found himself next to Verstappen, the Dutchman saw his chance and tried to overtake. This attempt went completely wrong and the Red Bull driver ended up on top of the Mercedes. This resulted in a grid penalty of three places, but the outcome could have been much worse if the halo had not been in place.