Gasly's crash causes Safety Car after Hamilton loses places in sprint race

11-09-2021 15:46

At the start of the sprint race many drivers get away well, but the same cannot be said for Lewis Hamilton and Pierre Gasly. For the Frenchman, the sprint race only lasts two corners, after which he is forced out of the race due to a crash.

Pierre Gasly has a good start for the sprint race at the Monza circuit. In the first corner, Gasly has to apply the brakes for Daniel Ricciardo. He just doesn't manage it well enough, causing him to hit the Australian's rear tyres and loosen his front wing. This quickly leads to devastating consequences, as the front wing ends up under Gasly's car and he flies out into the second bend. This immediately results in a Safety Car in the sprint qualification.

Not only drama for Gasly

Gasly is not the only one who will regret his start during the sprint race. Lewis Hamilton already loses a lot of places at the start, as he gets away badly from his starting spot. Not only Verstappen passes the Brit, but also both McLarens and, briefly, Gasly. After the safety car the seven times world champion has a lot of work to do.

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