Red Bull misses out on record during Verstappen's pit stop

02-08-2021 20:13

Max Verstappen only just scored points in the Hungarian Grand Prix lardgly due to the mistake by Valtteri Bottas. However, with the pit stop Red Bull Racing were the absolute winners of the weekend.

Red Bull had to deal with a lot of disappointment this weekend. While Sergio Pérez had to retire on the first lap due to a hard collision, Verstappen's car suffered extensive damage. The Dutchman had to resume the race after a red flag, but lacked too much speed to actually drive towards the top five. Therefore he had to settle for a point in the championship.

His team made up for it during the pitstop. The Austrian team set a time of 1.88 seconds for the tyre change, just short of breaking their own record of 1.82 seconds. Nevertheless, the pit stop was a great boost for Verstappen.

Pit stop Alpine and Alfa Romeo

Alpine and Alfa Romeo were also satisfied with their pitstop. While Esteban Ocon could drive away after 2.19 seconds, Kimi Räikkönen had to wait 2.18 seconds for his team. With that the teams set respectively the third and second fastest time.

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