Red Bull does it again: Coulthard races against an airplane and past castles

15-06-2021 09:00

Red Bull knows how to promote a brand. Once again, Red Bull Racing comes out with a unique video, featuring David Coulthard taking a road trip in his Red Bull demo car from the Czech Republic to Slovakia. Watch the video here.

Red Bull pulls out all the stops again

Red Bull has been the odd one out since they entered Formula 1. The team has already attended a race in a Star Wars livery and is also seen in lederhosen every year at the Austrian GP. Now Red Bull has come up with something different, and veteran Coulthard is being sent on the road.

According to information provided by Red Bull in advance, Coulthard's road trip in this video explores the Czech Republic and Slovakia in an unprecedented way. We get castles. Culture, nature and a drag race with an upside down airplane, with Air Race World Champion Martin Sonka in the cockpit. Watch the images here.

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