Car flies over crash barrier in banked turn during touring car race in Argentina

17-01-2021 17:21

While the F1 world is in deep hibernation, it is of course high summer in the southern hemisphere. In Argentina, which is in the final phase of the title race with its competitive Super TC 2000 championship, there is plenty of racing going on despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Kombocht like Zandvoort

In one of the touring car classes in the supporting program of the Super TC 2000, things went very wrong at the Autodromo de Parana on Sunday. Just like at the renewed Circuit Zandvoort, they have turned the fastest corner on this circuit into a curve. This video proves that it is important to have good fences around it.

Shortly after the start, a car spun on the inside of the curve and the cars behind could not move. Two of them were overturned, launching one car over the fence. After a series of somersaults, it ended up in a field between the straw bales. Everyone got out unharmed.

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