VIDEO | What are the drivers up to on their holidays?

16-01-2021 17:17

The Formula 1 off-season is in full swing. Since the season concluded on the 13th December in Abu Dhabi the grid have had plenty of time to enjoy their well earned holidays, albeit in very different circumstances to years gone by. This hasn’t stopped the drivers and team members from enjoying themselves and blowing off some steam, and the best place to see what they’ve been up to is of course social media. So let's have a quick social check and see what the stars of motorsport have been up to on their time off!

Most drivers choose to go somewhere hot, Dubai is a popular destination for some post season sun but Valtteri Bottas prefers the sub-zero temparatures. He’s thrown himself back into racing, getting his driving fix in the Artic Lapland Rally. It isn’t the first time he’s taken to the snowy courses as he participated in the competition just 12 months ago. Before the turn of the year he took the chance to go back to his hometown, which I won’t try and pronounce and paid a visit to some husky dogs.

Lewis Hamilton turned 36 earlier this month, happy birthday btw Lewis. He reportedly spent some time off in the caribbean and encouraged positivity to his fans during these tough times in a birthday message he posted on instagram. 

Staying fit during the off season is so important for the drivers but each have their own way. Pierre Gasly is staying sharp in the warm climate of Dubai, soaking up some rays with the season just a few months away. Meanwhile Fernando Alonso has been training in very different conditions. He’s been up the snow covered mountains in Spain. 

Gasly wasn’t the only driver enjoying the Dubai heat. Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris both spent some time there following the conclusion of the F1 season. Leclerc TOOK TO THE DUNES AND GOT back on four wheels as he went quad biking. However, both drivers have since returned positive coronavirus tests and are now in isolation. We are wishing them a speedy recovery!

Some drivers are already back to work and one of them is new Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. He’ll be partnering Charles Leclerc this season at the Scuderia but the Spaniard seems to be looking to get a head start on preparations. As of recording this Sainz is enjoying his first day of work at Maranello as Ferrari aim for improvements in 2021. Meanwhile his father, Sainz Sr finished third in the Dakar Rally

And finally, it feels like an age ago that Romain Grosjean missed the final two races of the season after his horror crash in Bahrain but the Frenchman is continuing his recovery. He’s finally been able to take off the bandages on his burns which he revealed his cat was very pleased about. 

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