Leclerc corrects engineer: "No, I did a f***ing shit job"

16-11-2020 10:33

Where Max Verstappen was pretty quiet on the onboard radio after passing the finish flag at Istanbul Park, Charles Leclerc was furious. The Ferrari driver had lost his podium place to Sebastian Vettel in the final lap and he blamed himself for that.

When his chief engineer says about the onboard radio that he had done a 'good job', it is clear that Leclerc does not agree at all. "No, I did a shit job. I did a shit job. I did a f***ing shit job."

He believed that he had let his team down a bit. When Ferrari asks him to turn off the onboard radio, Leclerc is not done yet. "I am so sorry. I am f***ing stupid. As much as in Baku." In Azerbaijan, Leclerc crashed in Q2 of qualifying in 2019.

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