Painful silence - Verstappen's onboard radio after Turkish Grand Prix

16-11-2020 09:43 | Updated: 16-11-2020 11:35
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Painful silence - Verstappen's onboard radio after Turkish Grand Prix

Max Verstappen had an extremely frustrating weekend. Despite the difficult conditions on a slippery track, he seemed to dominate the weekend. Until he missed out on pole position, a bad start and a spin during the race transformed it into a disasterous weekend.

Verstappen was already annoyed by missing out on pole position, and had trouble letting go of it. Then a dramatic start caused him to fall back several places, where he would have wanted to take first place right away.

After being stuck behind Sebastian Vettel for a while, Verstappen was finally able to catch Sergio Pérez. However, Lance Stroll started to pull away, so he had to make his way past Pérez quickly. As he went to pass Perez, he lost control of the steering wheel and spun, and the hope of a win fell apart.

Radio silence from Verstappen

The defeat that came with it became painfully clear in a fragment of the onboard radio from Verstappen just after the race. His engineer gave an instruction on the mode he should switch to. This was followed by complete radio silence from Verstappen.

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