Rosberg: "If you're at Ferrari, it's the worst thing that can happen in the world"

18-11-2019 10:12
by Matt Gretton

The 2016 F1 world champion Nico Rosberg has added his thoughts to the Ferrari teammate crash. Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc collided towards the end of the race which caused a double DNF. Firstly, Rosberg praises Ferrari for letting their drivers race before giving a breakdown analysis of the incident. 

Rosberg says the majority of the blame goes to Vettel, but he can understand what happens because he insists similar occurrences have happened to him in the past. In his latest vlog, Rosberg also has time to praise the Honda engine and talk us through the closing stages of the race with Lewis Hamilton and Alex Albon's incident. 

The Ferrari crash gives Max Verstappen the upper hand in the battle for third place in the F1 world championship. Vettel can no longer finish third while Leclerc needs to score 12 more points than the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver in Abu Dhabi. 


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