Ricciardo takes over F1 microphone and interviews Norris in Japan

07-10-2022 19:29 Last update: 07-10-2022 20:46


Despite his currently uncertain situation in Formula 1, Daniel Ricciardo is always up for a joke. During his own interview at the Suzuka Circuit, he took over the microphone and started asking questions to Lando Norris, who was waiting his turn next to the Australian.

Ricciardo interviews Norris

The interviewer was about to end the conversation with Ricciardo and switch to Norris, but Ricciardo seized the opportunity to take over the interview. Instead of handing the microphone back, he moved it in the direction of his teammate, who at that point seems to realize what's coming. What followed was a fascinating conversation about photosynthesis, which both McLaren drivers appear to be big fans of.

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