Perez must also leave off-track victory to Verstappen

25-09-2022 10:14 Last update: 25-09-2022 10:21

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are preparing behind the scenes for the Singapore Grand Prix scheduled for next week. However, they still had plenty of time to compete against each other. This time, their mother tongue was a reason to compete against each other, as seen on Red Bull Racing's YouTube channel.

Indeed, Red Bull decided to test both drivers on how well they knew the other's language. Whereas Perez had quite some trouble understanding everything in Dutch, Verstappen's Spanish proved better than expected.

It resulted in Verstappen winning this race too, although only by a small margin in the Dutchman's favour. Next week the two men will fight again on track, with the reigning world champion already theoretically in with a chance of clinching another world title.

Perez wants title battle with Verstappen

Perez revealed just this week that he feels he has improved considerably this year. If the Mexican can continue along this line, he hopes to compete for the world title next calendar year.