Verstappen and Perez give hilarious opinion on British culinary highlights

03-07-2022 07:23 Last update: 03-07-2022 09:57

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are both aiming for a podium at Silverstone this weekend. In between, both drivers and their team also had time to get acquainted with some British culinary highlights, which did not always please them. 

The Austrian racing team decided to put it to the test and serve its drivers the English crisps, as it reveals on its own YouTube channel. Perez and Verstappen had to deal with a different taste each time. After the tasting, they also had to give the product a grade, which made it clear what they like. 

For example, Verstappen immediately made it clear at the beginning of the video that he does not like cheese on top. "You can do better," he jokingly called after the waiter as he walked back to the kitchen to get the next thing. In the end, however, the Dutchman found versions that he did like. 

Perez and Verstappen hope for podium

Verstappen will start the British Grand Prix in second place on Sunday afternoon, sitting behind Carlos Sainz. For Perez, the task is greater, as he failed to move beyond fourth in qualifying. Charles Leclerc starts in P3.

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