Verstappen spins unexpectedly during Q3 at Silverstone

02-07-2022 16:33 Last update: 02-07-2022 17:04

Max Verstappen was on his first fast lap during the third session of qualifying at Silverstone when he spun due to heavy rain. The Dutchman was able to get his car back on track at astonishing speed and continue his lap.

The reigning world champion wanted to pull out all the stops in England to secure pole position for Sunday afternoon, but this proved to be more difficult than expected. Due to the precipitation on the track, the drivers had to deal with difficult conditions, which also affected Verstappen.

In the third session, Verstappen went out early to set a fast lap, but he had to stop the first one. He lost control of the car on the exit of the corner and spun 360 degrees.

Verstappen loses P1 to Sainz

Surprisingly, he quickly picked up his lap and was still able to fight for P1. Carlos Sainz managed to secure the front position in that battle, while Verstappen finished second. Charles Leclerc had to settle for third on the grid.

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