Verstappen and Perez barely stop laughing

23-06-2022 06:32 Last update: 23-06-2022 08:47

In a new Red Bull Racing video, we take a look behind the scenes and see lots of smiling faces from Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Christian Horner.

Bloopers at Red Bull

Red Bull shoots a lot of video around a weekend, and sometimes things go wrong in the process. After nine races, the Austrian racing team has a nice collection of bloopers. Verstappen and Perez shine in this video and especially the good chemistry between the two is striking.

For example, Verstappen and Perez have to fish for ducks, Verstappen had to narrate a bit where he thought the short version was long enough, and he is asked about the driver with the best spraying technique. When Verstappen asks "with champagne?", the two don't hold back and Verstappen says that piece can't be used. That didn't quite work out after all.

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