Schumacher causes confusion in Mercedes garage

21-06-2022 19:31 Last update: 21-06-2022 21:02

Mick Schumacher caused confusion in the Mercedes garage during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend. Toto Wolff and others watched the driver closely as he accidentally entered the competitor's pit box.

Schumacher confuses Wolff

It was not just Wolff who was visibly confused by the Haas driver's action. Schumacher's presence in the Mercedes garage shocked the person filming the video, as can be seen from his reaction.

As one would expect, Schumacher's action has been well received by followers on social media. He is said to be looking for tips to score points or he is even said to have been recruited as a spy. However, not everyone is surprised: one person points out that the driver was often to be found in the Mercedes garage when his father was still working for the team.

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