Baku circuit causes confusion among Formula 1 drivers

07-06-2022 19:44 Last update: 07-06-2022 20:13

Formula 1 is increasingly responding to the desires of younger generations, who follow the sport through social media and other means. For example, there is the Grill the Grid section, in which the drivers are tested on their knowledge of the sport in which they are active.

F1 drivers must guess corners

In the latest episode, the drivers must guess which first corner belongs to which circuit. You'd think they could dream every corner, but without context, that still proves to be quite a challenge.

For example, the first corner of the Baku City Circuit causes confusion among some drivers. Yuki Tsunoda is at a loss for words and Charles Leclerc wonders aloud how a first corner can be ninety degrees.

The full video can be viewed on Formula 1's YouTube channel.

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