Sainz tests rain tires from Pirelli, ends day in gravel pit

01-06-2022 11:53 Last update: 01-06-2022 12:14

The Monaco Grand Prix has only just ended, but the Ferrari drivers have already gotten back into their cars. At Ferrari's test circuit, Fiorano, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are testing Pirelli's rain tires.

Testing at Fiorano

Sainz took Tuesday's test, just two days after the race on the streets of Monaco. In Monaco, the rain tires were put to the test for the second time this season after they were also used in Imola. It rained so heavily in Monaco that the start was postponed, although that could also be due to equipment that was not working properly.

Incidentally, it was not a great success for Sainz on Tuesday. The Spaniard would have ended the test day in one of the gravel bays of the test circuit. On Wednesday, Leclerc took over from his teammate.

Criticism of Pirelli

Sebastian Vettel was not satisfied with the Pirelli rubber after Monaco. The rain tires would be too hard and the German had almost no grip in his Aston Martin. He labelled the tires as "worthless".

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