Exclusive tour of factory of perhaps the most ambitious F1 team

25-01-2022 19:55
by GPblog.com

Aston Martin F1's new facility center is finally ready. Lawrence Stroll 's team has a lot of ambition and wants to become champions as soon as possible. The team invites F1 fans to a digital tour of the facility they think will make the difference.

In 2018, Stroll, the father of driver Lance Stroll, took the helm at Racing Point. He joined forces with Aston Martin, and under that name they still plan to storm the podium. A key part of that plan was the team's new factory. In mid-September last year, construction began on the complex that sits right next to the Silverstone circuit. It is now finished and in the video above you can see how it turned out.

Exclusive footage of Aston Martin operation

The factory consists of three buildings, including a site where the team's new wind tunnel has been erected. The footage that can be seen of the wind tunnel in the digital tour is very interesting. The video is an exclusive tour of the team's entire operation; from the wind tunnel to the strategy room.

Aston Martin's ambition is to get out of the midfield and take on Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. With the rulebook being completely different in 2022, the team may just surprise. With Stroll's money, Aston Martin's technical car knowledge, this new factory and four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel, it looks like there are enough ingredients to fight for a championship.

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