Verstappen on moment with Hamilton: "It was not an incident"

28-11-2021 08:20 | Updated: 28-11-2021 12:33
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Verstappen on moment with Hamilton: It was not an incident

Max Verstappen has explained how he doesn't worry about other people think of him. What people think of him doesn't affect his approach as a Formula One driver, as the Dutchman's priorities lie elsewhere.

In Qatar the Brazilian Grand Prix was the talk of the town. Also on the Checkered Flag-Podcast, in which Verstappen was asked about that moment. "First of all, it was not an incident, because we did not hit each other," said the Dutchman. The stewards thought the same, as they saw no need to investigate the moment. Mercedes' protest against that decision did not change that either.

He explained: "I was just trying to defend my position. We're both racers fighting for the championship, so I'm not going to make it easy. The other way around would have been exactly the same."

Verstappen thinks it's important to be 'real'

Verstappen started the season as the underdog, but is occasionally given the role of villain in the heat of the moment, alternating with Hamilton. "I think it's important to always be myself. People have to decide for themselves whether they like me or not, I can't manipulate that and I don't want to be like that either," the 24-year-old Dutchman stressed.

"I'm here to win and to get the best possible result for myself and the team. Whether people like me or not doesn't change my approach," the Red Bull Racing driver said.

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