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Capito: Volkswagen not in talks with F1 to waste time

Capito: "Volkswagen not in talks with F1 to waste time"

27-11-2021 09:53 Last update: 12:35


The Volkswagen Group is toying with the idea of entering Formula 1 in 2026 with the entry into force of the new engine regulations. According to former motorsport director at Volkswagen and current F1 team boss at Williams Jost Capito, the German company's considerations are serious.

VW Group still in discussion

The VW Group is considering joining F1 with one of its brands in 2026. That could be Porsche or Audi. Earlier this month, the group indicated that it wants to join, but under strict conditions and that the right circumstances have to be created. It is not possible to wait long with a final decision, because the preparations will take a lot of time.

Motorsport.com Asked Capito about the likelihood of Volkswagen joining F1 and how serious the considerations are. Capito: "It depends, of course, on the regulations and those have not yet been set for 2026. That will be the biggest factor. If they are serious, and they have participated in the talks, I don't think they are wasting their time with this kind of thing."

CEO presence means serious consideration

It seems to be difficult for Volkswagen's brands to run an F1 team because of German regulations. Audi and BMW have already moved on to Le Mans and many German brands have tried their hand at Formula E. A partnership as an engine supplier is therefore also a possibility, according to Capito.

Capito stresses that nothing is certain, but the fact that talks are taking place is significant: "Especially when the CEO comes to these talks, it's a sign that they are serious about it. Of course, it depends on the final regulations. If the VW Group thinks it makes sense, they can go to the board and ask for a decision."

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