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The wait continues: compensation in Belgium not yet completed

The wait continues: compensation in Belgium not yet completed

26-11-2021 20:45 Last update: 26-11-2021 20:45


A few weeks ago of the organisation of the rained out Belgian Grand Prix revealed that compensation will be given to fans.

Mouse silent

The patience of the ticket holders - who paid hundreds of euros for a race that never took place - is being severely tested. At the beginning of this month, the organisation stated that there would be more information about the compensation within two weeks. Since then the silence from Spa-Francorchamps has returned.

Once again, hopeful words were heard. "There will be compensation, but more patience is required. Discussions between the different parties involved in the organisation of the event are about to be finalised," a spokesperson informed GPblog. "We will share more information with you very soon."

Ticket sales started

Meanwhile, ticket sales for next edition in 2022 are in full swing. No doubt a lot of people who had a ticket last season have already bought one again for next year. If the organization would decide to give ticket holders of 2021 a discount or free admission in 2022, it would probably become a complicated matter. Therefore, this option does not seem a logical compensation.

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