Horner lashes out at Wolff again: ‘Toto felt the need to point that out’

26-11-2021 18:30 | Updated: 26-11-2021 19:26
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Horner lashes out at Wolff again: ‘Toto felt the need to point that out’

Max Verstappen will head into the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix as the championship leader on behalf of Red Bull Racing, but Mercedes are seen as the favourites to take the win. Christian Horner remains convinced that things are looking bright for his team, especially given last year's surprise win in Abu Dhabi.

On paper, the brand new Jeddah Corniche Circuit is Mercedes' dream track, but it would not be the first time this year that expectations are not fulfilled if Red Bull win. In addition, Horner sees opportunities in Abu Dhabi, where Verstappen scored a surprise victory in 2020.

The Red Bull team boss spoke to Motorsportweek.com of his expectations for the next two races: "The next circuit should be in Mercedes' favour. But Abu Dhabi, with the changes modifications made there, who knows?"

Horner happy with new FIA tests

Red Bull threatened to protest against Mercedes' rear wing in Qatar after it allegedly bent excessively. In response, the FIA introduced stricter tests for the component, which were introduced from Saudi Arabia.

Horner complimented the FIA for the decision. "This should eliminate any possibility of circumventing the regulations and associated technical guidelines," he explained.

Wolff wants to shift attention to Red Bull

Partly due to Mercedes' controversial rear wing, there has been a lot of talk recently around the top speed of Lewis Hamilton in particular. Toto Wolff, meanwhile, sought to shift the focus to his rivals by raising the issue of Red Bull's top speed in Qatar. Hamilton was also heard talking about it on the radio.

Horner can be brief about that suggestion. "Apparently Toto felt it necessary to point out that we have gained speed on the straights, when in fact nothing has changed," said the Red Bull team boss.

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