Ricciardo talks about painful moment: 'Don't know why I always laugh'

24-11-2021 11:51 | Updated: 24-11-2021 12:13
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Ricciardo talks about painful moment: 'Don't know why I always laugh'

The tripleheader was not a success for Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian has scored zero points in three races. At the Qatar Grand Prix, he finished twelfth, but Ricciardo explains what was going on.

"In fuel-saving, that’s where it got lost. We had a few things going on today. So already from Lap 1, I had some fuel warnings on the dash which you don’t get on Lap 1, so I ignored it because I thought okay, it’s just an error in the dash", Ricciardo is quoted on the official website of the F1.

"But then quite early, I was told that you need to seriously start saving fuel. I saved quite a lot, like already what I thought was too much, and I was told it’s not enough, it’s not enough, to the point where we were… probably going two seconds a lap slower. And with that, tyres get cold, brakes get cold, so you lose even more ultimately.”

'Don't know why I'm always smiling'

Several times during the race, Ricciardo wondered if he shouldn't park his McLaren by the side. The team needs to better understand what was going on, but for now, the Australian is focusing on the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

“[The fuel saving] never seemed to be enough. Then I was told no more fuel-saving and pushed like crazy [laughs]. I don’t know why I always laugh, I don’t mean to laugh. It was painful and it’s just obviously something that’s gone wrong in the data or the calculations. So that’s what we need to look into, but let’s move on."

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