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Prost thinks title Verstappen would be great: 'He is stronger than before'

Prost thinks title Verstappen would be great: 'He is stronger than before'

23-11-2021 18:55 Last update: 19:41


With only two races left, everyone has an opinion on who will win the championship. At the moment Max Verstappen still has the lead in the championship, but the last two races Lewis Hamilton was incredibly fast. Alain Prost gives his opinion about the level of the drivers.

In the official podcast of the Australian Grand Prix, In the Fast Lane, Prost is asked who he thinks is going to win the championship and who is the stronger of the two at the moment. The Frenchman indicates that it's not an easy answer and he, therefore, indicates that he has no preference, although he would love a championship for Verstappen.

"I could ask myself the same question, without having the right answer. First of all, the driver is always a combination of the car and the team behind. Lewis has much more experience in knowing how to win a championship, or lose the championship. On the other side, Max is really young and fast and generous. He used to make a few mistakes, but now he is much stronger than before", he begins.

Verstappen and Hamilton on equal level

Prost hopes the championship will not be decided until the final race in Abu Dhabi. "Max is on a similar level as Lewis. You want to win the first championship because you don’t know if you’re going to have the chance again. It’s very difficult to judge the two. I don’t have a favourite. I remember what I said in Silverstone, if Max won there he could have had a lot more points today. He could have been world champion."

"I think it will be really great if Max could get the title, because he’s younger, and he really deserves it for what he has done since the beginning. On the other side, what Lewis is doing at the moment, already having seven championships, is also exceptional. Let’s see what happens", Prost ends.

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