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Red Bull finds more speed on the straights for final GPs

Red Bull finds more speed on the straights for final GPs

23-11-2021 13:27 Last update: 15:04


Red Bull Racing has solved a major problem and is likely to gain a lot of speed for the final GPs. The DRS on the rear wing will open on time again, increasing the speed over the entire DRS zone.

Red Bull problem solved

Red Bull thought they could solve the problem of the RB16B's flapping rear wing with a strengthened DRS activator. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez still suffered from the not optimal working DRS.

The new system did allow the team to see in the data where the fault did lie. The system that opens and closes the wing was set too stiff. The solution of the team was to make certain parts of the system more curved, reports the Italian branch of Motorsport.com.

Important solution for last GPs

In Qatar, the team fitted an older rear wing from earlier this year. The team drove with more downforce, but the DRS worked better. Verstappen was therefore just under four kilometres per hour faster than Lewis Hamilton on the turns.

On the straights, the Mercedes power easily won that back, but for the upcoming GPs, the repaired Red Bull wings brings a DRS system that works in time again and provides as much speed as possible on the straights.

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