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Hamilton difficult to beat: 'Verstappen and Red Bull realised that'

Hamilton difficult to beat: 'Verstappen and Red Bull realised that'

22-11-2021 08:09


The battle between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing was already over on Friday according to Mark Hughes. While Mercedes showed they are in good shape, the Austrian team lacked the speed to make things difficult for their rivals. Red Bull realised that too, he says at The Race.

The medium's journalist thought prior to the race weekend that the two teams were once again evenly matched, but that proved not to be the case. "The Mercedes was much the quicker car as soon as qualifying began, the Red Bull not reacting well to a couple of key changes," he writes about last weekend.

However, according to Hughes, Red Bull also capitalised on the speed difference. Max Verstappen therefore took no risks to beat Lewis Hamilton. "Verstappen and Red Bull, realising they weren’t going to be able to challenge Hamilton regardless of strategy, played it safe by making a second stop, this in turn releasing Mercedes and Hamilton into doing the same."

The Formula One season

The Formula One season continues in two weeks. At 17:30hrs UK time the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia is scheduled. One week later the denouement in Abu Dhabi will take place.

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