McLaren want answers from Masi: 'Stewards have changed their approach'

19-11-2021 16:43 | Updated: 19-11-2021 17:49
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McLaren want answers from Masi: 'Stewards have changed their approach'

Opinions on the decision not to punish Max Verstappen for his incident with Lewis Hamilton in the Brazilian Grand Prix are strongly divided. McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl thinks that Michael Masi should clarify what is allowed and what is not.

The McLaren team boss thinks that the behaviour of drivers will change if race director Michael Masi decides that the behaviour of Verstappen was acceptable. Charles Leclerc, among others, said in advance that he would adjust his driving behaviour accordingly.

Drivers speak with Masi at driver briefing

On Friday, all the drivers will meet with Masi for the drivers briefing, where the subject will undoubtedly be discussed. Seidl believes it is vital that the race director clarifies what is and is not permitted, regardless of the decision of the stewards in Brazil.

The McLaren team boss is questioning the decision because Lando Norris was penalised for a similar incident with Sergio Perez at the Austrian Grand Prix. "Lando received a penalty in Austria for something that was questionable from our point of view. You can certainly argue that it was Lando's corner," said Seidl in conversation with

Seidl sees stewards' ruling in Qatar as separate from his questions

He added that his questions were not related to the stewards' decision on whether to reopen the case. "It was different to what we saw in Brazil and so we are very interested. Not necessarily in today's ruling, because that's a different process. It's more about what Michael will tell the drivers during the driver briefing tonight," he continued.

Seidl is particularly surprised by what he sees as a changed approach of the stewards, who in Brazil decided to go for the 'let them race' principle. "I think it will definitely change the drivers' approach to certain manoeuvres on the track. That's why it's interesting to get clarity," said the McLaren team boss.

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