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Wolff calls stewards' decision on Verstappen 'possible loss of points'

Wolff calls stewards' decision on Verstappen 'possible loss of points'

17-11-2021 15:48 Last update: 17:15


Formula One viewers worldwide saw a remarkable side of Toto Wolff during the Brazilian Grand Prix. The Mercedes team boss was very fanatical in his reactions to the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, encouraged by the stewards' decisions throughout the weekend. In his preview on the Qatar Grand Prix, Wolff stressed that his team will never give up, no matter how many setbacks it faces.

"Last weekend in São Paulo was a triumph through adversity," Wolff said. "Through each setback, our determination grew stronger, and this already close team grew tighter with every challenge thrown our way."

For Hamilton's win, the Mercedes team boss has nothing but praise, but he is still outraged by the stewards' decisions over the weekend. "Lewis completed a stunning victory, which will rightly be talked about for years to come," he gloats.

Wolff hopes stewards will reconsider Verstappen penalty

"The disqualification on Saturday though, and the potential loss of three points, doesn't make the challenge to fight for the Championship any easier," the Austrian continued. Remarkably, he sees the stewards' decision not to penalise Verstappen as a 'possible loss of points'.

What Qatar will bring is still a big question mark for all teams. "The performance picture from circuit to circuit remains unpredictable but as Brazil showed, even on the back foot, this team will always be there fighting," Wolff concludes.

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