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Masi critical of Hamilton: 'This behaviour is unacceptable'

Masi critical of Hamilton: 'This behaviour is unacceptable'

17-11-2021 07:56 Last update: 08:28


Michael Masi is not happy with the behaviour of Lewis Hamilton after the Brazilian Grand Prix. A party is allowed from the race leader, but unbuckling his seatbelt is unacceptable behaviour.

After the Brazilian Grand Prix Hamilton celebrated with a big party. He had managed to win the race from a beaten position, and that in the country of his great hero Ayrton Senna. He collected a Brazilian flag from the people along the track and waved it from his cockpit. To do so he unbuckled his seatbelt, which brought him criticism.

Behaviour of Hamilton

''I’m well aware that it was discussed in Charlie’s (Whiting) time, drivers were reminded that, obviously, on cooldown laps, there’s no problem loosening their belts, but they need to remain fully attached. It is a safety item. I think the stewards have made it quite clear in their decision that it’s not about stopping celebrations at all,'' Masi said. thesportrush.com.

Although a party after the race is allowed, Masi thinks that a line should be drawn. ''But at the pinnacle of motorsport, we make it clear that A, it’s a safety issue, and B, we’re sending a message all the way through that (this) type of behaviour is not acceptable,'' the Formula One race director concludes. Hamilton was fined 5,000 euros for the offence.

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