This is how the British F1 press reacted Hamilton's win in the Brazilian GP

15-11-2021 07:29
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This is how the British F1 press reacted Hamilton's win in the Brazilian GP

The 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix weekend created one of the most dramatic rounds in the Formula 1 World Championship for a number of years. The narrative twisted and turned, but when the chequered flag dropped Lewis Hamilton had cut his deficit to 14 points in his titanic duel with Max Verstappen. In a long on-track battle that personified the 2021 season, there were lots of talking points. This is how the British press reacted to the race in Brazil. 

BBC Sport 

The BBC immediately highlight that it was one of Hamilton's best victories in a 15 year F1 career. "Lewis Hamilton passed title rival Max Verstappen after an intense battle to take one of his greatest victories and win the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. It was a gripping conclusion to a weekend of bitterness and rancour between the two teams contesting the championship and controversy both on and off the track. The 101st victory of Hamilton's career sent a powerful message of intent and is a potentially critical moment in the championship."

The Guardian 

With Hamilton starting from the back in sprint qualifying, and then 10th in the main race, The Guardian highlight that it was an unlikely victory. "Against the odds and defying the numbers, after a weekend of slings and arrows, Lewis Hamilton took arms against his sea of troubles with a remarkable win. He delivered a champion’s drive under circumstances that might have left a lesser man bowed."

Daily Mail

At the end of the race, Hamilton picked up the Brazilian flag and produced a performance that his hero Ayrton Senna would've been proud off. The Daily Mail start their report with that message. "Ole, ole, ole, ole, Senna, Senna. So the crowd serenaded the Englishman wrapped in the flag of Brazil who had just performed a wonder of which their hero — and his — would have been proud."

The Telegraph 

The Telegraph highlights the drama this weekend had. "What a race. What a weekend. What a season we are having. Netflix’s producers hardly needed any more drama to pad out one of the most thrilling title battles in years, but they got a whole season’s worth in three days in Sao Paulo. From the moment Hamilton copped a five-place grid penalty on Friday for taking a new engine, the drama was unrelenting."

The Mirror

The Mirror summarises it: "Following his quite brilliant overtake the Englishman held on to cap off one of the great Hamilton - and Formula 1 - performances in recent time.

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