Verstappen on turn 4 move: "I don't know what they should have decided"

14-11-2021 19:28
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Verstappen on turn 4 move: I don't know what they should have decided

With the penalties received by Lewis Hamilton earlier this weekend, this looked set to be a golden weekend for Max Verstappen, with him able to score important points. However, the opposite came true, but Verstappen is perfectly able to accept this.

"We were just too slow. I tried everything I could to keep him behind me, but they just have too much top speed this time. And on this track, they were somehow able to follow quite easily. Every time they got to eight tenths, I had to defend in Turn 1, so it didn't really work out. But in the end, it was just a good result," Verstappen said in a conversation with Ziggo. 

Verstappen thought it was a logical decision

He is also satisfied with the strategy. They couldn't have done much else, he says. He got away with the first overtaking move Hamilton made on him. He pushed the Brit to the outside but got no penalty. "I wouldn't know what else they should have decided. We were just racing."

"True, but we were again very strong in Mexico for example, that's how you can see it again. This is one race weekend and we just know that they can get a bit more out of that fresh engine. That will slowly diminish. Then it all comes a bit closer together."

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