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Verstappen unveils special helmet for Brazil GP: 'Artistic homage'.
Max Verstappen Twitter

Verstappen unveils special helmet for Brazil GP: 'Artistic homage'.

12-11-2021 14:25 Last update: 14:30


Earlier in the season it was already discussed: At which tracks will Max Verstappen wear a special helmet? The Dutchman himself already indicated that one would probably arrive for Brazil. He has delivered on that promise, revealing the colorful helmet in a video on Twitter.

"As you can see it's Brazil time," Verstappen heralds the video. "I wanted to spice it up a bit and make it a bit more interesting. Normally my helmets are quite plain, but this represents the carnival theme and I think it worked out really well."

Special helmet Verstappen for GP Brazil

It has become a very colourful helmet, in which the Brazilian colours are clearly recognisable. "I think it works pretty well. Of course, there is a lot of green in it because of the Brazilian flag," continued the Dutchman, referring in part to the green inside of the helmet. "I'm very happy with the end result."

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