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Perez: It's my job to help support Max as a good team player

Perez: "It's my job to help support Max as a good team player"

12-11-2021 11:20 Last update: 12:41

Sergio Perez seems to be getting into his rhythm, but to really go for the wins in Formula 1 it seems a little too late. The current number four in the world championship sees Max Verstappen fight for his first world title and he needs all the points he can get. Team orders therefore seem to be the obvious way forward.

"I think we are working on a good level but I look forward to going another step in the final four races," he said in an interview with Sky Sports. The 31-year-old veteran scored three podium finishes in a row and already managed to win in Azerbaijan, but he is chasing more. "Just to try to go to the limit more in qualifying and the race. To go to the next step to be in the mix for the win."

Perez must comply

It seems likely that the wins in the last four Grands Prix will be shared between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Both Red Bull Racing and Mercedes are likely to use team orders to increase the chances of a world championship for its drivers. Perez will mainly play a serving role in the final stages of the 2021 season, but how does he see it?

Perez: "It's my job to help support Max as a good team player. It's in the interest of everyone to secure both championships that'll be a good result for me." So the focus for the Mexican will mainly be on beating Hamilton and therefore not own teammate Verstappen.

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