Verstappen could deliver final blow: 'I definitely put all my money on Max'

Verstappen could deliver final blow: 'I definitely put all my money on Max'

12-11-2021 05:00 Last update: 10:07

Max Verstappen has the best chances to win the world championship with four Grands Prix to go. This weekend the Brazilian GP is on the program. Although Mercedes showed in recent years that they can perform well on this circuit, Sebastiaan Bleekemolen thinks that Verstappen will win here as well.

The Dutchman won the last two races in the United States and Mexico, so he has a good feeling going into Brazil. Whereas Lewis Hamilton is under pressure to perform, Verstappen seems to be taking things in his stride. "He looks so confident that no one is touching him at the moment. The whole Red Bull Racing team looks good, by the way. That makes it very likely that Verstappen will win," says Bleekemolen.

At Red Bull the lesser free practice sessions are a recurring story. The Austrian racing team often struggles to reach its top level on Friday, after which the team works through the night. On Saturday the team is ready in time to fight for the front places on the grid. "In the free practice sessions the drivers have to perform at short notice. Then there's a real chance that you don't have the form yet, but luckily it always works out."

Red Bull's and Mercedes' second drivers

Should Verstappen also win the race in Brazil then the difference between Hamilton and him will be at least 25 points. Yet Bleekemolen doesn't think Verstappen can sit back and relax in that scenario. "As a team you always have to take into account that you might lose a lot of points. However, I definitely put all my money on Verstappen if he is the winner in Brazil. I give Max the biggest chance and I think Hamilton will finish second. Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez should fight together for the third position."

The Finn and Mexican could again be important to both teams' strategy in Brazil. However, it has been difficult to count on both men this season as their performances have been up and down. "The level of both men indeed fluctuates quite a bit. Therefore, in Brazil it will depend on how much they are at home on the track. With Perez you can see the confidence growing in the last few races. He doesn't feel that he's inferior to Verstappen anymore. That's just good."

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