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Formula 1 madness in the Netherlands: It is difficult to really realize.

Formula 1 madness in the Netherlands: "It is difficult to really realize".

11-11-2021 15:56 Last update: 18:33


Max Verstappen has driven the Netherlands crazy about Formula 1 in recent years. Never before has the sport been so popular. For a long time, Dutch fans had to travel the world to see their idol in action, but since this year there is also the Dutch Grand Prix. Jan Lammers does not dare to say where the boundaries of Verstappen's popularity lie.

Next year a real showpiece at Zandvoort

After the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 race, the Dutch fans could finally see Verstappen in action during a race at Zandvoort this season. And how! The Dutchman won the race and didn't let the orange sea in the stands fool him.

Because of the restrictive measures, only 70,000 people could attend Zandvoort. "We would like to double that for next year, with more Dutch artists as well," Lammers told Sky Sports News. He, therefore, hopes to be able to really unpack without restrictive measures. "To really be able to celebrate the festival we had in mind for this year."

Million tickets for Zandvoort

Lammers also sees the Formula 1 craze continuing to grow in the Netherlands. "What is happening to the Netherlands is hard to really realize, but it is fantastic. The audience, the drivers and the teams have given us a fantastic show at Zandvoort."

According to Lammers, there is therefore almost no limit to the interest in Formula 1 at Zandvoort. "Last year we already had the indication that we could sell about a million tickets, but if Verstappen wins the world championship I don't know where the limit is."

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