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Plans for a London Grand Prix are at an advanced stage
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Plans for a London Grand Prix are at an advanced stage

10-11-2021 06:48 Last update: 09:18


The Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit may no longer be the only Grand Prix in Britain in 2023 or 2024. The Daily Mail reports that the capital of England is busy with a GP in London.

In the Netherlands the popularity of Max Verstappen has led to the idea of an extra GP in Assen, but in England Formula 1 is also very popular. Yet a second GP in the country of almost all F1 teams was difficult to get off the ground. Plans to build an East End circuit at the Royal Docks are in an advanced stage, with the full support of Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Second British Grand Prix

According to the Daily Mail, London is closer than ever now that the funding is in place. An American investment company, 777 Partners, is working with a British sports group to host a Grand Prix, but also to build a completely new sports and entertainment complex at the Royal Docks. Talks are said to be already underway with Formula One, with the mayor's desire to have the race take place before his term ends in 2024.

In this case, it would be a second British Grand Prix. London does not want to take Silverstone's place on the calendar. ''We're hopeful it's coming. We're hugely excited about it,'' Josh Wander, founder of 777 Partners, told the Daily Mail.

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