Marko contradicts Wolff: 'He has obviously miscalculated again'

04-11-2021 19:30 | Updated: 05-11-2021 00:34
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Marko contradicts Wolff: 'He has obviously miscalculated again'

Helmut Marko expects two strong races at the end of the season. The teams are already busy with calculations to see how many points their drivers still need to win the title. In conversation with ÖSTERREICH Marko tells about the miscalculation of Toto Wolff.

Marko expects two more wins anyway, namely in Mexico and Brazil. "With two more wins, we can't sit back at the Middle Eastern tracks with the long straights that Mercedes benefit from, but we can settle for second places. It depends on the form of the day, otherwise we would not suddenly win on so-called Mercedes tracks."

In the battle for the constructors' championship, Mercedes is still in the lead. How important is this victory for Marko? "First of all, it would be an extra motivation for most of our employees, but the driver's title is what counts first and foremost."

Wolff miscalculated

Before the United States Grand Prix, Wolff said there were still six times 25 points to be earned, plus an additional six points for the fastest lap. Marko now contradicts the Mercedes team boss.

"He has obviously miscalculated again, because there are still three extra points to be earned. But seriously: This year there are still 133 points in the jackpot. If Max gets seventy to eighty of those, we're on the safe side." The three extra points are in fact still to be earned in the sprint race at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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