Badly injured or not: "Newey kept drawing; things kept coming"

04-11-2021 15:39 | Updated: 04-11-2021 17:09
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Badly injured or not: Newey kept drawing; things kept coming

Adrian Newey was in a serious cycling accident during the 2021 F1 season and was out of F1 for several weeks. Red Bull Racing advisor Dr. Helmut Marko says Newey still meant a lot to the team in the meantime.

Newey is a real racer

Newey had to miss a few races but returned fully to the team in Turkey. In conversation with Auto Motor und Sport Marko discusses the period without Newey, among other things. He is asked if the top designer's focus is already fully on 2022.

Marko: "Yes, but thank God we are broadly orientated. Newey was away for a while because of his accident. You have to know that Newey is a real racer. When he sees a chance to win, his motivation is completely different from when he sees an engine that is thirty horsepower short."

No one has as much experience as Newey

That Newey is a crucial weapon for Red Bull Racing is not in doubt. It must therefore have been difficult for Red Bull to miss such a gem for a few weeks. Fortunately, Marko tells us, Newey was always active behind the scenes despite his injuries.

"There is no one with so much experience, no one who won so many titles. The Newey package is still essential. For the other designers, Newey is a leading figure." Newey didn't miss much during his 'absence': "In between, he still drew on paper, things kept coming from him."

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