Confirmed: compensation for Belgian GP ticket holders after all

02-11-2021 12:47 | Updated: 29-11-2021 16:38
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Confirmed: compensation for Belgian GP ticket holders after all

Tens of thousands of visitors paid hundreds of euros for a ticket. Unfortunately, the continuous rain made the Belgian Grand Prix a farce. There was never a race and the fans left disillusioned (and soaking wet). Whether they would ever be (financially) compensated? Nobody knew.

Good news

After Lewis Hamilton, among others, spoke out strongly in favour of refunding the entrance tickets, Formula 1 posted a statement on his website. F1 indicated they were working with the promoter (Spa Grand Prix, ed.) on 'several options' to express their recognition towards the ticket holders and thank them for their dedication. After that, it was quiet for months.

Now some good news seems to be on the way. When asked by GPblog if there will be any compensation for the ticket holders, promoter Spa Grand Prix replies: "Yes, there will be compensation. That is for sure. This week or next week we want to announce the details."

The Belgian promoter can't (or won't) reveal what the compensation will look like exactly. Will the ticket holders get (part of) their money back, 'free' entrance for the next edition or a discount on a new ticket? It is still guesswork. As to the contents of the compensation, Spa Grand Prix states: "We will communicate this to our customers soon."

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