Wolff: 'Horner is starting to act like an actor in a show'

01-11-2021 12:32 | Updated: 01-11-2021 15:51
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Wolff: 'Horner is starting to act like an actor in a show'

Mercedes has been very dominant in recent years, but this year everything seems to be different. Red Bull Racing is clearly capable of fighting for the world championship and so this title fight will also play a big part in the Netflix series Drive To Survive. Toto Wolff feels that Christian Horner has started to behave differently since the Netflix series exists.

Meanwhile, the series has already caused a lot of criticism, because it is all very dramatized and exaggerated. Max Verstappen has already indicated that he no longer wants to work with the series for that reason. The Mercedes team boss says in an interview with the Daily Mail that he thinks Horner has started to act like a drama actor since the series started.

''I feel he is one of the protagonists in a pantomime. People have a microphone in front of them or a camera on them and they start to behave like little actors, like Hollywood. People have realized that they will be quoted if they say controversial things. People have realised they are being quoted if they say controversial things. It gives them media time, it gets their picture in the newspapers," said the Austrian.

Good for headlines

Bernie Ecclestone used to be good at making headlines too and Wolff sees the comparison between the Red Bull team boss and Ecclestone. "In many ways we are going back to our roots because what Bernie Ecclestone created back in the day was racing and soap. And when there was not enough racing he made soap, he was always good for a headline. So we're back there. For me as a stakeholder, as a team owner, it's great that he creates these kinds of stories. But it's irrelevant. But I don't get drawn into it. I find it amusing, but it doesn't touch me."

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