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New hybrid system not welcome at Haas despite good Ferrari results

New hybrid system not welcome at Haas despite good Ferrari results

30-10-2021 13:48 Last update: 17:11


It seems that after the grid penalties of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, Ferrari are suddenly doing quite well in the races. This could be due to the new hybrid system they have developed, but Gunther Steiner said to f1only.fr that he has no interest in the new system, as it would not have helped Haas.

The Haas team boss indicated earlier this season that they didn't intend to make many developments to their cars, as they wanted to focus on the new regulations in 2022. Even when Leclerc and Sainz were both fitted with the new system in their cars, the team boss indicated that he didn't want it in the Haas cars.

"I think we chose not to fit the hybrid system because even that upgrade wouldn't have helped us, it wouldn't have done much for us, but I see a positive because obviously we will have that hybrid system next year and we are looking forward to that," he explained.

Ferrari still working on other new components

Steiner also indicated that Ferrari have also been working on an internal combustion engine. He will know if the engine will provide good performance after the winter test. "We'll see, but I think they've put the right amount of effort into making a better engine next year so that they're at least on par with everyone else, and I hope even better."

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