Stewart: 'Verstappen and Hamilton have and take too much freedom'

30-10-2021 12:34 | Updated: 30-10-2021 17:06
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Stewart: 'Verstappen and Hamilton have and take too much freedom'

The title battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton remains exciting. After the United States Grand Prix Verstappen leads the championship by only twelve points. Sir Jackie Stewart thinks that nothing is certain yet and that both drivers can become champion, but he also thinks that they are too reckless.

The Dutchman and the Brit have now run into each other several times on the track. Not only are they often side by side on the grid, but they have also had some crashes recently. Stewart told Motorsport-Magazine that he thinks this is because they are too enthusiastic and have too much freedom.

"I think both of them are perhaps over driving a little bit at the present time as we've seen at least into occasions. Sometimes liberties are being taken that shouldn't be taken so they've got to be careful because they shouldn' t  get too carried away by needing to win," said the "Flying Scot".

Crash at Silverstone

Stewart also spoke about the crash at Silverstone. According to him, it is a perfect example of having too much freedom. "They were both doing things that they shouldn't have done so early in the race. I think they were getting a little overexcited. In my day, [Verstappen] would have died. However, the sport has changed, the sport is much safer than it ever was before and therefore there's not the same penalties involved so maybe people are taking a little too much liberty."

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