Ricciardo still uncomfortable: 'Doesn't matter what circuit or situation'

29-10-2021 10:53 | Updated: 29-10-2021 13:38
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Ricciardo still uncomfortable: 'Doesn't matter what circuit or situation'

Daniel Ricciardo finished fifth at the United States Grand Prix. It is one of his best results of the season and also team principal Andreas Seil sees that the driver is feeling more and more at ease. Still, both men know there are still things that can be improved.

"Yes, it definitely was a better weekend, it was a smoother weekend but there are still definitely moments in the weekend where I am still, 'I know I can do better, I still make a few mistakes'", Ricciardo is quoted as saying on Autosport.com. "I am not always getting on top of the car, but it is coming and it is still going to take a bit of time."

Seidl sees improvement in Ricciardo since the summer break. Before that, the Australian was struggling a lot with the car and not achieving the results he wanted. "It was definitely a very strong weekend from Daniel, and I think it is fair to say, together with Monza, probably his strongest weekend with us", Seidl says.

Ricciardo still not fully comfortable

"Maybe it's even fair to say it was his best weekend with us so far on a track that has a lot of different corner types as well, so I'm very happy with what he could pull off this weekend. It was also a great performance on his side to keep Carlos behind the entire race, being under massive pressure, so I'm happy with that. He's saying himself; I don't think he's fully comfortable yet with our car in any condition or track layout or situation", Seidl continues.

"With him now spending more and more time in our car, spending more and more time doing laps, I think it's just natural that there will still come more from his side, which is obviously encouraging. At the same time, it was a great weekend from his side here in Austin and a very strong drive in the race, which shows why we wanted to get him on board."

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